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Driven by a commitment to genuine impact, MarketingCX offers specialized digital marketing and social selling strategies tailored for B2B businesses.

Join us in our journey towards collaborative victories in the digital world.

Transform Your B2B Marketing Game Experience Business Growth

Like Never Before with MarketingCX

Where Expertise Meets Innovation in Digital Marketing and Social Selling

Custom 7-Figure Website or Sales Funnel: Get a tailor-made website or funnel, built from the ground up to fit your unique business model, ensuring maximum lead conversion and client retention.

Access to MarketingCX Portal: Streamline all your digital marketing efforts with our all-in-one software suite, offering comprehensive tools from email marketing to CRM.

Save Thousands on Software Costs: Say goodbye to multiple subscriptions; our solution provides everything at a fraction of the cost, potentially saving you over $1,300 monthly.

Welcome! Enter the world of MarketingCX, where your business's digital potential is unlocked and nurtured.

MarketingCX is not just about digital marketing; it's about setting new standards. Our deep understanding of B2B complexities, combined with innovative strategies, makes us the ideal partner for your business growth journey.

The Game-Changer for Your Business

  • Rich Industry Experience: Leveraging four decades of multifaceted business expertise for insightful marketing strategies.

  • Customized Digital Excellence: Our solutions are tailored to fit the unique contours of your B2B business landscape.

  • Dynamic Learning and Application: Keeping pace with evolving digital trends to ensure your strategy remains cutting-edge.

  • Integrity in Marketing: Strong advocates for ethical marketing – we value authenticity over aggressive sales tactics.

  • All-in-One Digital Services: From crafting compelling content to holistic CRM and analytics integration.

  • Results-Driven Methodologies: Focused on delivering measurable success in lead generation, engagement, and revenue growth.

At MarketingCX, we're more than just a digital marketing agency – we're architects of digital success.

Our commitment is to your business’s growth, ensuring every strategy we implement translates into tangible business achievements.

Meet MarketingCX

Your Partners in Digital Marketing Excellence

Uniting Decades of Experience to Forge Your Digital Success

MarketingCX isn't just a digital marketing agency; it's a powerhouse of experience and innovation in the B2B sector.

Led by Tilly Davies, our founder and CEO, with an impressive 40-year track record in business, IT, and marketing, we are a team defined by expertise and passion.

Each member of our team is handpicked for their unique skills, from digital strategists to creative thinkers, all dedicated to crafting bespoke marketing solutions.

Together, we're committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your digital marketing goals.

Tilly Davies - Marketing CX Founder

MarketingCX: Where Experience Meets Innovation in Digital Marketing

Crafting Success Stories for your B2B Business

We are not just a digital marketing agency; we are a hub of innovation and expertise.

With experience in Business Analysis, IT, Finance, and Marketing, we bring a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern tactics to the table.

Our team, comprised of certified digital marketing professionals, is dedicated to understanding and solving the specific challenges faced by B2B businesses.

We specialize in creating strategic, impactful marketing solutions that are not just about attracting leads but nurturing lasting business relationships.

Empower Your Business with MarketingCX The Gateway to Digital Excellence

Where Your B2B Marketing Goals Turn into Reality

In a digital landscape crowded with promises, MarketingCX stands out with a commitment to real, measurable transformation for B2B businesses.

We combine in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge digital strategies to offer more than just services - we offer success.

  • Tailored B2B Expertise: Specifically focused on overcoming the unique challenges of B2B digital marketing.

  • Decades of Proven Experience: Harnessing over 40 years of business and marketing wisdom for your benefit.

  • Ethical Marketing Approach: Dedicated to authentic, spam-free strategies that respect and engage your audience.

  • Comprehensive Digital Solutions: From website creation to CRM and social media management, all streamlined for efficiency.

  • Continuous Adaptation to Trends: Keeping your strategy ahead of the curve with the latest digital innovations.

  • Result-Oriented Frameworks: Focused on achieving tangible results like increased leads, sales, and business growth.

  • ROI-Focused: At the end of the day, it's all about the numbers. We're obsessed with getting you results that make your investment worthwhile.

Choosing MarketingCX means partnering with a team that's as invested in your success as you are. Our blend of traditional expertise and modern digital savvy makes us the ideal choice for B2B businesses seeking tangible, long-lasting digital marketing success.

Transforming Businesses with Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Explore Our Four Pillars of Digital Excellence

At MarketingCX, we specialize in providing a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions, categorized into four main pillars.

Each category is crafted to meet your specific business needs, ensuring a robust online presence and sustainable growth.

Foundational Services

Building Your Digital MarketingEcosystem

This is where your journey begins.

We focus on creating a solid digital base for your business, including website creation, social media platform setup, online listings, and effective landing pages with funnel pages.

Our foundational services ensure that your digital assets are not only well-established but also perfectly aligned with your business goals for optimal performance.

  • Website in a Day

  • Funnel in a Day

  • LinkedIn Profile Assessment

  • LinkedIn Personal Branding

  • LinkedIn Business Branding

  • Marketing Strategy

Lay the Groundwork for your Digital Success

Organic Marketing

Nurturing Digital Growth with Organic Strategies

Organic marketing is our approach to building lasting brand awareness and engagement.

This long-term strategy encompasses blogs, social media posts, user-generated content, guest posts, video content, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Our focus is on building and maintaining lifelong customer relationships, creating a loyal customer base through authentic and engaging content.

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • LinkedIn Done for You

  • Content Marketing

Explore our organic strategies that forge deeper customer connections.

Paid Advertising

Accelerating Digital Success with Paid Advertising

In today's highly competitive digital landscape, our paid marketing services are designed to give you an edge.

We leverage the power of paid ads to place your products or services directly in front of your target audience, increasing the likelihood of website visits and, ultimately, purchases.

Our strategies are tailored to maximize your online presence and drive significant sales growth.

  • Facebook Advertising

Speed up your offer creation process using AI, crafting high-quality digital products that resonate and sell.

Social Selling Buddy Membership

Transform Your B2B Business into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Being part of a digital marketing community is invaluable.

Our membership services offer a platform to learn from the experiences and insights of other digital marketing professionals.

You'll gain access to new tools, strategies, trends, and best practices, along with the opportunity to ask questions and share challenges.

This network is an essential resource for avoiding common mistakes and continuously improving your digital marketing efforts.

  • 12 Online Coaching Modules focusing on how to setup and work LinkedIn as a social selling tool for lead generation.

  • Sales Navigator Training

  • Bi-Weekly Mentoring sessions to get those burning questions answered.

  • Bi-Weekly Training session that covers how to align your business to the digital world, up-to-date social selling methodologies as well as keeping our clients up to date on the latest LinkedIn and digital changes.

  • Over 20 downloadable SOPs

  • Daily ongoing support via Slack, LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

By joining our membership services, you become part of a community that supports each other’s growth, helping you avoid common mistakes and stay ahead in the digital marketing game.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing Skills with Our Exclusive Community

MarketingCX offer more than a service; it's a comprehensive solution designed to address the unique challenges of your B2B business.

We not only save you money but also equip you with the capabilities to drive growth and efficiency.

Introducing MarketingCX

Your Comprehensive SAAS Solution

Empower Your Digital Presence with MarketingCX

Your One-Stop SAAS Solution

Fast, Affordable, and Comprehensive Digital Marketing Tools. MarketingCX offers a unique Software as a Service solution, designed to establish and enhance your online business presence efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Enjoy all-inclusive digital marketing tools for just $97 per month.

  • Unlimited Access.

  • Sales funnels, course hosting, and CRM in one place.

  • Automation & Integration.

  • Connect every dot of your business with automated workflows.

  • Rapid Website Deployment.

  • Get your website live in a day - no more waiting.

  • Integrated Marketing Tools including hosting, email marketing, SMS marketing, and more.

  • Robust Business Systems

  • Benefit from built-in booking systems and CRM to streamline your operations.

With MarketingCX, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools that are essential for modern digital marketing, all bundled into a single, affordable monthly package. This comprehensive solution is tailored to ensure your website isn't just a digital space, but a dynamic hub for your marketing efforts.

Ready to Launch and Elevate Your Website Overnight with the comprehensive digital marketing software that you need to help your business grow?

Scale Certified Portal: Your All-in-One Software Powerhouse

Save Time, Money, and Skyrocket Your Online Coaching Business

You know, in this fast-paced digital world, having the right tools isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity.

That's where our Scale Certified software comes into play. It's not just software; it's your business's command center. Let'd walk you through how this all-in-one software is going to be a game changer for you.

Website and Funnel Templates

Quickly Launch with Ready-to-Use Templates

No need to start from scratch or hire expensive designers.

Our templates are sleek, professional, and optimized for conversions.

Perfect for launching your coaching services or courses in no time.

Unlimited Automations

Automate Your Way to Efficiency

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tasks.

Our software lets you set up automations for emails, funnels, and more, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best – coaching!

CRM Integration

Manage Clients Like a Pro

Keep track of your clients' journeys effortlessly.

Our integrated CRM tool ensures you have all the data you need at your fingertips, making personalization and follow-ups a breeze.

Email Marketing

Emails That Get Opened and Clicked

With our intuitive email marketing tools, create campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Increase your open and click-through rates, keeping your coaching services top-of-mind.

Social Media Scheduling

Stay Active on Social, Effortlessly

Keep your social media game strong without spending hours online.

Schedule posts in advance and maintain a consistent presence, crucial for building your personal brand as a coach.

Appointment Scheduling

Book Clients Without the Back-and-Forth

Simplify how your clients book sessions with you.

Our scheduling tool syncs with your calendar, allowing clients to see your availability and book their spot, hassle-free.

MarketingCX isn't just a software; it's your business's new best friend.

Imagine slashing hours of work, cutting down costs on multiple tools, and having more time to grow your coaching business. That's what we're offering – efficiency, growth, and peace of mind.

Explore Our Website Success Stories

Real Results, Real Impact

See How MarketingCX Has Transformed B2B Businesses Just Like Yours

Our Portfolio Speaks for Itself

Real Success Stories

Hear it Directly from Our Satisfied Clients

Carol Morey: Durban South Africa

"All I can say to aspiring businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and business owners, whether small or large, invest in your business and yourself with Tilly's expertise. This is the future of marketing and so much more for your business."

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing outstanding service from Tilly. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail truly impressed me. She is professional, friendly, and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Marketing CX for their exceptional service.

Thank you"

Shalati Pearl Ndove - South Africa

"Tilly has been so efficient and effective in improving my LinkedIn profile to ensure it is client focused and represents my offer. I have learned so much along the way as Tilly also provided me with training on how to search for those clients on LinkedIn that I truly feel I can help. I enjoyed working with Tilly and will happily recommend her services."

Maria Jeffers - United Kingdom

"Tilly's comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn's intricacies, from content optimization to audience targeting, is remarkable. Tilly always delivers bespoke, ROI-driven strategies, harnessing LinkedIn's potential to connect and influence. The extraordinary growth and engagement levels we've experienced are a testament to Tilly's expertise. Her creativity, strategic foresight, and interpersonal skills make her a valuable asset in today's competitive digital space. I highly recommend Tilly for any endeavor that involves mastering LinkedIn marketing."

Bobby Harrington - United States

"I have had the pleasure of using Tilly's expertise for the past 3 years . I stumbled across one of her webinars during lock down in 2020 and immediately reached out . She is incredibly knowledgeable about how LinkedIn works and the ever-changing algorithms. Over the past 3 years she has taught me how to engage new followers - produce interesting relevant content and produced leads that have turned into revenue for our business. Tilly is always available to her clients and i would have no hesitation in recommending her service to any business who wants to use LinkedIn as a business toll for growth."

Georgina Barrick - South Africa

"My team and I did the most amazing and valuable LinkedIn skills development coaching course with Tilly and her team. We were always amazed by the practical and easy steps we could take to make significant improvements. I can highly recommend Tilly to assist with your LinkedIn efforts. Tilly is a great coach and has a very well researched and professional methodology to help get great results from LinkedIn."

David Sands - South Africa

"If you are seeking a ‘done for’, or ‘done with’ digital marketing LinkedIn expert to help grow your business, then look no further. I highly recommend Tilly and her Marketing CX team and services to you. She is insightful and a master of her craft. 2She also has a great team around her.
We have worked very closely together as a collaborative partnership and kept adapting in an agile manner to build the pathway that is getting to our objective. If you are willing to work as a partnership with Tilly and MarketingCX, then won’t find a better partner to work with."

Andrew Jenkins - United Kingdom

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